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Things to know before you start your project
Things to know before you start your project

Things to know before you start your project

LCN Kitchen and Bath design professionals will give you 2 hours of in-showroom time to review product selection and rough design.

LCN designers will also give you 2 hours of computerdesign AND 2 hours of pricing of the basic products. That is a totalof 6 HOURS free of charge just for you.

This estimate will take a bit of time, so please be patient. We should get back to you within a week or so; depending on the scope of your design.

It is important that you give us your budget when you come in. WHY you ask.  Because we want you to be comfortable with no surprises when the estimate is given. We want to direct you to the line of products that is within your budget.

Here are (4) Questions you need to know before anything has begun.

  1. What is your need?
    • Building or remodeling
    • Shopping for a friend
    • Location of project
  2. Have you seen anything you like?
    • What wood species do you like?
    • Have you seen a door style that interest you
    • What features are you looking for in your cabinetry?
  3. What is your budget?
    • What are you willing to invest in your project?
    • Do you have any financing restrictions?
  4. What is your time frame?
    • When do you want the project to be completed?
    • Are there any other time constraints you have?

So let’s open the folder and begin a new adventure.